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Boomers Boost are the best supplements I have found.  I recommend Boomers Boost, Barley & Probiotics together.  The barley will detoxify your body so please follow the directions.  There is also FREE health video links too.



Essential Oils


DoTERRA Essential Oils

These oils have helped me so much with all my health issues.  I take them daily for all my health care needs.  



Health & Detox  or book A Cure for All Disease by Dr. Hulda Clark


Lymphatic & General Health  

Healthy lifestyle, organic diet / exercise/ water / good supplements / juicing, dry skin brushing, rebounding, infra – red saunas or anything that makes you sweat , detoxing and de-stress.


Limit Stress

Get in touch with nature, Earthing, music, sound / gem / aroma / color therapy, meditate / prayer and let go & stay positive


Wellness Tools


Foam Roller – Helps release tension in body

Walmart, Target or any sporting goods store


Theracane – Helps with trigger point therapy


Still Point – Great for neck tension & headaches


Hip Blocks (pelvis) – 10 minutes helps balance hips 


Neck Roll – can use with hip blocks to help neck tension 


Infra-red Sauna – Helps detox your body

Dr. Paul Robbins (local)


Pain Relief


Exercises – The best stretching exercises I have found is the Egoscue Method.  These exercises work on your load bearing joints which affect your entire body.


Egoscue Method or book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue

Classes on Fridays with Dr. Holl at the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic


Healing Modalities


Infra-red Sauna & Homeopathic Medicine/Health Scans/Auricular Therapy …

Dr. Paul Robbins (local)


 EFT Tapping – Use to release anything – pain, traumas, fears, weight ….  and  (local)


Live Blood Analysis - I recommend this.  During your session you get to see the health of your blood & receive CD of the recording.  See what is going on at the cellular level in your body & learn what your body needs to heal.


Meditation & Affirmations


Ho’oponopono Healing Meditation'oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm



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