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Cupping - Client Information - MUST READ & FILL OUT


     *   Cupping Therapies

     *   "Solid Bloat"

     *   Potential Reactions

     *   After-Care Instructions

     *   Conditions that Respond to Cupping

     *   Contraindications

     *   Release Form

Massage Cupping and MediCupping TM Therapies

Cupping therapies are adaptation of an ancient technique and possess the benefits of traditional use. This therapy utilizes glass or plastic cups and a vacuum pistol or machine to create suction on the body surface. These cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping, and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cups or are or are parked for a short amount of time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. This suction reaches deep into the soft tissue, attachments, and organs. It also has a sedating effect on the nervous system. Another benefit is to pull inflammation and toxins from the body tissues so that the skin and lymphatic system can eliminate them.

One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the “separation” that the vacuum produces in the tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue. It is evident that separation of fused, congested soft tissue and increase in tissue function can be a catalyst for change in many current health conditions.

MediCupping TM Therapy can greatly benefit pre and post - operative conditions and may assist in the healing process. This drainage, adhesions, and breakdown of stagnation will assist in contouring the body and improving the appearance of cellulite.

Body Contouring and “Solid Bloat”

Solid bloat is referred to the layers of accumulation that is stagnant lymph, blood and debris. Stagnation is found in skin layers, in the muscles and in the connective tissue. This is often caused by inflammation which leads to dehydration of the tissues and the inability of the lymphatic system to eliminate debris. Cellulite is often stagnant lymph and debris that can be a lifetime accumulation of old medications, anesthesia, smoke or other inhaled contaminants and cellular wastes. All of this stored debris can irritate the immune system and liver, leading to more inflammation…and the cycle will continue.

Potential Reactions of Massage Cupping or MediCupping TM Therapies:

Discoloration due to toxins and old blood being brought to the surface. See Cupping picture of possible discolorations.

Post treatment tenderness – this is common with any bodywork, but is usually less than from deep tissue work.

Redness and itching – due to increased vasodilation and/or inflammation brought to the surface.

Decreased blood pressure – due to vasodilation and/or nervous system sedation.


Client After-Care Instructions

After your MediCupping TM Session

Drink plenty of the purest water you can find (not all fluids are equal)

Do not exercise until the next day

Avoid chills, drafts or heat for 4-6 hours

Avoid showers, steam, sauna until the next day (if you must bathe, keep it luke warm)

Do not receive other body work for 48 hours as this could overload your system or it could negate the work that has been done.

Remember that MediCupping TM therapy starts working on detoxifying and opening the lymphatic pathways slowly for those who have more “solid bloat.” This detoxifying can sometimes produce dramatic results. Subsequent session will yield even better results and eventually will be done faster.

If you are participating in the body contouring, it is important to leave the essential oils on overnight and not to bathe.

Call your therapist with any questions that you might have.


Conditions that respond to Massage Cupping and MediCupping TM Therapy:

Fibromyalgia                                                                           Migraine and Tension

Bursitis, Tendonitis, and Other Inflammatory Conditions              High/Low Blood Pressure

Sluggish Colon or Irritable Bowel Syndrome                                Asthma and Pneumonia

Stagnant Lymph and Edema                                                      TMJ Dysfunction

Pre – and post – Operative Conditions                                        Diabetes

Poor Circulation                                                                        Parkinson’s Disease

Insomnia and Anxiety                                                                Plantar Fasciitis

Athletic Stress and Injury                                                           Toxicity

Sciatica& IT Band                                                                       Cellulite



 Broken bones                                                                           Dislocations

Hernias                                                                                     Slipped Discs

Organ failure                                                                              Undergoing Cancer Therapies

Sunburned                                                                                 Ruptured

Ulcerated                                                                                   Inflamed

Fever                                                                                         Convulsion

Easy bleeding                                                                              Liver or Kidney Illness

Cardiopathy                                                                                3 D Varicosities (Avoid)

Psoriasis, Eczema or Rosacea                                                        Systemic Cancers

Exhausted, Hungry, Emotionally Upset (Crying or Angry)                 Surgical Incisions (Recent)

Hives, Herpes or Shingles

PG – wait till 2nd trimester – No abdominal or femoral triangle or medial lower compartment – No ankle work

Nursing – Pump 2 days milk before, hydrate & wait a few days before commence

Gentle on Kidneys

REDUCE TIME – Blood Thinners, Hemophiliacs (High or Low Blood Pressure), and Diabetes

AVOID – Skin Tags, Raised Moles and Skin Cancers





Cupping Therapy Client Release Form

I understand that all treatments at this facility are therapeutic in nature. I agree to communicate to the therapist any discomfort or draping issues during the session.

Information has been provided to me about Cupping Therapy. If I choose to experience these therapies during treatments, I understand the potential effects and after-care recommendations.

It has been explained to me that there are contraindications for Cupping Therapy. I have fully disclosed all health factors to my therapist, including these not mentioned on my Health History Intake Form, to avoid any complications.

It has been explained to me that there is a possibility of discolorations that can occur from the release and clearing of stagnation and toxins from my body.

I also understand that this reaction is not bruising, but due to cellular debris, pathogenic factors and toxins being drawn to the surface to be cleared away by my lymphatic & circulatory systems.

I further understand that the discolorations will dissipate from a few hours to as long as 2 weeks in some cases and in relation to my after-care activities.

I understand that the first time I experience Cupping; my body’s immune system can temporarily react to this release as it might with the flu-producing flu –like effects like nausea, headache, aches, that will subside in time with rest and water. Water helps to dilute the intensity of the release.

I understand that Cupping Therapy modalities should not be combined with aggressive exfoliation, 4 hours after shaving, after sunburn or when I’m hungry or thirsty.

I understand that I should avoid exposure to cold, wet, and/or windy weather conditions, hot showers, baths, saunas, hot tubs and aggressive exercise for 4-6 hours. I understand that exposer to such extremes can produce undesirable effects and I should avoid such situations.

I understand that I should avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugary foods and drinks, dairy and processed meats and I should consume and abundance of clean water.

I _________________________________ agree to allow the Cupping Practitioner to perform Cupping. I also agree that I have read, understand and will follow all the information stated above and will not hold the practitioner responsible.

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